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Fire Systems AMC Contract For VESDA System offers a Complete Peace of mind through our expert technical team which provides total Vesda System Servicing through our prefix AMC Schedule.
To maintain the VESDA Laser System at its peak performance level, the suggested maintenance schedule should be followed. Maintenance can be conducted by the original installer, a VESDA distributor, or a service contractor. The efficient operation of a VESDA Laser System requires that the VESDA Laser Detectors are supported by a well-designed and maintained pipe network. The site conditions, and the local codes and standards may require more regular maintenance than the VESDA suggestions. Maintenance Procedures This section contains information on the suggested maintenance procedures for all VESDA systems, and maintenance procedures which are specific to each type of VESDA Laser Detector. Maintenance Check Monthly Six Monthly Annual Every Two Years Power Supply a Pipe Network a In-Duct Pipe Test a Filter Inspection a Raw Air flow a Pipe Integrity Smoke Test a Check Pipe Flow a Cleaning Sampling Points a Flushing Pipe Network
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