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Having problems with your installed Gas Suppression System? Worry not! We could be of help by serving you with an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). You could avail our services 24/7 for an AMC with the assurance of quick response and responsibility. As a part of the AMC, we take over your existing system and closely monitor Gas suppression system. AS part of the AMC, we also help our clients with the necessary documents, clearances and periodic certifications that are required to install and maintain their installed systems.
Total Flooding System- FM 200, NOVEC 1230 Clean Agent Gas Based Fire Suppression System
  • Checking the Cylinder Pressure (should be > 22 Bar) and Log Record
  • Conducting a full check-up of the Gas Release Panel, including the timer delay and logic of cross zoning and operational test
  • Cleaning and inspection of the Nozzles
  • Checking the Manual Abort and Release Station
  • Cleaning and tightening the Wires in the Manual Release Box (if required)
  • Checking the Electrical Control Head (solenoid functionality test) of the Gas Release Panel
  • Checking the LED
  • Cleaning and checking the Piping (if required)
  • Inspection of all Cylinders and Equipment for damage/corrosion as per the operation and maintenance manual
  • Conducting a check-up of other small Accessories