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Stratos-HSSD has unmatched sensitivity potential, providing the earliest warning of incipient fire with minimum rate of nuisance alarms.

ClassiFire perceptive artificial intelligence ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment, without the need for complex setup. This means the detector will configure itself to provide high sensitivity in a computer room or reduced sensitivity in a smoky area.

Volt-free fire and fault relay outputs are available for remote monitoring by local fire detection or BMS system. Each detector is provided with 3 pairs of remote control input terminals. The inputs may be configured for a number of functions.

Product Description

High sensitivity provided by laser based forward light scatter for reliable early warning
Unique ClassiFire perceptive artificial intelligence system that dynamically adjusts the detectors operating parameters allowing for day to day changes in the protected environment and system contamination Unwanted alarms from dust are avoided using patented Dual Technology LDD 3D laser dust discrimination and elimination system 4 sampling pipes, up to 250 m maximum total length RS 485 communications built in as standard for networking and remote communications

Supply Voltage 21.6V – 26.4V DC
Current consumption 450mA @ 24V DC at fan speed 8
Size 427W x 372H x 115D
Weight 5.2kg
Operating temperature range -10 to +38°C (UL268) -10 to + 60°C (CEA4022)
Operating humidity range 0 – 90% non-condensing
Sensitivity range 0.03% to 25% obs/m
Maximum display resolution 0.0015% obscuration per metre
Detection principle Laser light scattering mass
detection and particle evaluation
Particle sensitivity range 0.003μm to 10μm
Dust discrimination principle 3D3 Laser Dust Discrimination (LDD)
Recommended max. 200m
sampling pipe length
Sampling pipe diameter 3/4” nominal bore (27mm O/D)
EN54 Part 20 Certified number Class A – 20 holes
of sampling holes Class B – 40 holes Class C – 100 holes
Alarm levels 4 (Aux, Pre-alarm, Fire 1 and Fire 2)
Integral relays Aux, Pre-Alarm, Fire 1 and Fire 2
Bar-graph segments 26
Laser chamber service intervals Greater than 10 years
(dependent on environment)
Programming Front panel, Command Module or
PC via RS232/RS485
Network data bus RS485
Maximum data bus length 1.2 km between detectors
IP rating IP50
Supported languages on English, French, German, Spanish integral programmer Swedish
Sampling pipe inlets 4 on top, 4 at rear, max 4 used at any time
Exhaust air pipe outlets 1 on top, 1 at rear, , max 1 used at any time