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Stratos -Micra 25 is designed to provide very high sensitivity smoke detection in an ultra small package. ClassiFire Perceptive Artificial Intelligence ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment, without the need for complex setup. This means the product will configure itself to provide high sensitivity in a computer room or reduced sensitivity in a smoky area. The Stratos-Micra 25 is designed to fit into a Docking Station. All sampling pipes and cables are connected to the Docking Station as a first fix operation leaving the detector to be fitted during the final commissioning phase if required. This ensures that detectors are less likely to be damaged during the installation. Volt-free contacts ensure compatibility with any fire alarm system

Product Description

Integrated automatic adaptation of the detector to the ambient conditions via intelligent teach-in modes
Intelligent laser sensors and inclusion of environmental criteria for rapid detection in difficult environments
Maximum operational safety through optimal adjustment of the alarm thresholds via intelligent algorithms for fire detection
Verification of dynamic environmental parameters and inclusion in the measurement to avoid false alarms
Automatic day / night switching for optimal adaptation of the smoke extraction system to different environmental conditions
Integrated procedure for automatic system configuration
Special integrated technology to avoid influences from pollution (dust etc.)
Integrated dust filter
Can be equipped with 1 suction pipe
Total pipe length 50 m with up to 10 smoke suction openings
25 m total pipe length with maximum sensitivity
1 return pipe to compensate for internal pressure differences
Integrated RS-485 interface for networking up to 127 system participants
External power supply required
Connection to the Loop 3000 via IOM
Including mounting base with connection flange for return pipe

Supply voltage 21.6 V to 26.4 V DC external
Ambient temperature -10 ° C to + 60 ° C
humidity Max. 90% (non-condensing)
Degree of protection IP 50
Dimensions (HxWxD) 175 mm x 135 mm x 83 mm
Weight 1.01 kg
material Cast aluminum, ABS
color Housing light gray
Norms 54-20
VdS approval G 207078
System approval S 210001, S 216001
CE CPD number 0832-CPD-0981
further approvals LPCB, CCC
Remarks Accessories: relay card (item no. 32236) with 5 potential-free relay outputs, 4 for “alarm” 1 for “fault” manufacturer Kidde Products (Stratos-Micra Aspirating Smoke Detector for use in fire detection and alarm systems )
Responsiveness adjustable from 0.03 to 25% obs / m
Power consumption 250 mA at 24 V DC
Particle sensitivity 0.0003 µm to 10 µm