Gas Suppression System Servicing

  • Fire Systems Ltd. has a dedicated specialist division for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of Fire detection with Fire Suppression Systems/ Water mist system / gas extinguishing. We are only one of a handful of companies with the specialist knowledge required to offer complete fire management solutions in high risk areas which have valuable equipment like UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) rooms, generator rooms, computer rooms, data center rooms and specialist oilfield enclosures.
  • We are not tied to any one supplier and therefore provide a completely independent and unbiased selection of equipment which ensures our clients get the most appropriate equipment for each job. We take a great deal of pride in each of our jobs and aim to deliver 100% of projects on time and snag free.
  • Maintenance activities has been carried out by our highly trained staff and they will carry out the necessary checks to the mechanical and electrical elements of the Gas Suppression System to ensure it is kept in full working condition for use in an emergency. At Fire Systems Ltd. , we guarantee all maintenance work will be carried out to the highest standard using directly employed staff and gaining the client the confidence.
  • Contact Fire Systems Ltd. for servicing of all type of Gas Supression System irrespective or brand and make. Click here for inquiry.