Fire Hydrant Servicing

Why servicing fire hydrant is crucial? Regular service of all Fire Hydrants is crucial to ensure the reliability of Fire Hydrant.It will increase life span of Fire Hydrant System.

No regular service of Fire Hydrant result in reduces the ability and performance to function on expected levels which can put both people and property in danger. Fire Hydrant servicing and test should be carried out by Fire Systems Ltd.’s engineers by every six months based on risk assessment.

Task Needs to Carried Out for Fire Hydrant Inspection, Testing and Maintenance:

In presence of fire authority and the owner occupier of the premises or his representative inspection should be carried out with wet test of private under-ground fire hydrant. In case of fire hydrants are supplied from mains, arrangement should be made with water undertaking before tests are carried out.

Fire Systems Ltd.'s Engineer inspects and tests following condition and take remedial action if necessary:

Testing Fire Hydrants:

Fire hydrants shall be tested every six month to ensure proper operation and function by Fire System.

FollowingSteps shall be taken:

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